About Our Website

My name is Leif Spears.  I am from Thief River Falls Minnesota and have been a part of our local Youth Hockey program for 10 years.  Hockey can be an expensive sport when it comes to all the equipment a player has to wear.  So I created this website to help out Hockey families all over Minnesota and North Dakota.  If you are looking at buying or selling Hockey equipment, this is a great place to be.  With the interactive listing map, people not only can see information about the item, but can see where the item is located.  It is a great tool to use when you are on an out-of-town game or tournament, forget a piece of equipment or maybe break a stick on a Sunday and there is not a sporting goods store open.  This site acts like a swap and sell but can reach a farther area.  All you have to do is Register  then purchase a $5.00 Lifetime Membership and start posting as many items as you want.  You can browse items for free and contact the seller if you want to purchase their item.  Try us out by using the Trial Package.  This lets you post 1 ad for free.  Thank you for visiting Hockeyhandmedowns.com.